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My Plexus Journey: Week Three

I cannot believe I have been on Plexus for nearly a month. I don’t feel like there is much new to report this week, but I am increasingly thankful for the products I am taking. Yesterday I had my monthly checkup at the Birth Center. My lab work was perfect and baby brother has a strong heart beat. He’s low and active just like his sisters were. At my last appointment the midwife was worried about my weight gain, since my pre-pregnancy weight was not quite in the desired range. I think that’s how it was kindly put. Oye. That’s always fun to hear. Well praise the Lord they were quite pleased. Five pounds in twenty-three weeks. I was thrilled to bits and truly feel good. Thanks Plexus!

Some gals seem to thrive when pregnant. They love everything about it. They feel attractive and they literally do glow. I love pregnancy for the end result, but I’ve never been one who loves being pregnant. There’s so much crazy that goes with it. Odd hormonal changes. Random swelling. Nausea. Upchucking. The belly is just out there. Random comments from strangers. Lots of blood work, and the end hurts like a beast. I’m not even going to touch on the postpartum thing. Its glories might be enough for me to wish I could be pregnant an extra month if it meant that nonsense would go away. 

God is so gracious though. He is a master of design and distraction. For many women pregnancy is difficult. For many women getting to pregnancy is hard. If someone gave you a personalized list of all that was going to happen to you during pregnancy and labor, you probably wouldn’t say “I’m lovin’ it” like you’re at McDonalds. The reality is more like Nike: “just do it.” What does God do though? When you hold your child for the first time, whether it is your first or your fourth, everything rough that had happened during labor or pregnancy melts away. You forget. You are distracted by this little miracle.

Though I am currently thinking about the end of this pregnancy, knowing baby has to have an exit route, I can be joyous in incredible anticipation. At the end of the day I will get to hold my son. Everything will have been worth it and his daddy and I will bask in awe of him.

As per usual, this post has taken a turn I wasn’t expecting. I was simply meaning to update y’all on my Plexus journey, but something else happened. I’ll try to circle the wagon and pull this together. A lot has me thankful. Whenever days are rough I make thankfulness lists and am quickly reminded of how good I have it. These lists quickly lead me to worshipping the goodness of our God. This week I truly am thankful for this growing peanut inside me. I guess he’s actually a grapefruit according to the Bump. I am thankful that I feel energized this pregnancy. I am thankful that has come in the form of a company I never thought would be part of my life. There are so many people who struggle with things day in and day out. We are often tricked into thinking they are just part of life. For me fatigue and my weight were like that. They were battles I felt too overwhelmed to fight. If this sounds like you please reach out. They don’t have to be and you definitely don’t have to battle them alone.

You know where to find me. Here on the blog, my Facebook page, or my Plexus Page.   

It’s Friday y’all! Add that to your thankfulness list!