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The Noise Feared by Parents the World Over

I will always remember Saturday morning, March 12, 2016. It’s 5am and for the first time, in the almost four years of raising littles, I heard the noise feared by parents the world over. It’s not isolated culturally. Every parent fears hearing their children throw up. For four blissful years Matt and I have witnessed countless viral infections, endured our eldest getting rotavirus between vaccinations, and have had many nights of lukewarm baths and oil rubbing to draw down fevers, but we had managed to avoid throw up. Well citizens the streak has been broken. Our adventurous sixteen-month-old blazed a new trail that I was satisfied to have go unblazed. 

As Sophia was sitting pitifully in the bath tub to be de-throw-upped I had so many thoughts racing through my head. First, before I seem like a wretched parent, I felt extreme pity. She was a mess but still clinging to my arm and Mr. Bear, to whom she has become desperately attached, as of late. You can see his feet in the picture below.   


My second, third, and fourth thoughts were much less sympathetic and ranked highly on the panic and practicality scale. I thought this list of thoughts might ring a few bells and help other moms giggle through the post traumatic mommy stress of the frequent days of sick littles. Let’s face it, sometimes you just have to chronicle things to help you laugh later. If we can’t laugh at a lot of what happens in parenting, we’re gonna be in trouble. I often find myself saying

You just can’t make this stuff up…

So without further ado, here you go. My panic and practical thoughts …

It could be isolated right?

She might have just eaten something funny.

What did we eat yesterday?

Did we eat the same things?

Oh please Lord spare it going through the house! 

It really could be isolated. 

How much laundry money do I have on our card because wow, this is going to call for a lot of laundry. 

Do I have gloves? No my left one tore. Ok I need gloves.

I think I’m out of Lysol. 

How will Soph do?
We have to wash Mr. Bear.

It really could be isolated. I think it’s isolated. 

These are only a few and I would love to hear your add-ons, but when I finally got Sophia clean, redressed, and snuggling, I was thankful. All silliness aside, the journey of parenting is beautifully exhausting and we’re only at the start. I know that as our girls grow older, the problems will be larger and more complicated. In thinking about this I was thankful that all she needed was to be held close. I was thankful that could be my ‘job.’

After I got my practical list of thoughts out there on the table in front of the Lord it was alright. The day was still challenging. There was a mammoth pile of laundry, much of which I didn’t want to touch with a ten foot poll. If my sweet momma hadn’t handmade the crib bedding I think I would have spared myself the dry heaving and just tossed that fitted sheet. Lots of things needed cleaning and sanitized, I was tired and had a child that I knew was going to need extra attention. Life doesn’t stop when littles get sick, you have to manage through more, but praise God He is faithful to give us the energy and strength we need. Sometimes I wish He would fill the energy and strength tank a little more heaping, but then my sinful self would have even more opportunity for feeling a bit too self-sufficient. 

Well y’all it’s Monday night and honestly I wish I were still asleep from this morning, but let’s spur each other to lean on Christ and to encourage and uplift each other with what’s left of today. Don’t fail to reach out. Having friends who know where you’re at and can pray for you is such a treasure. Let’s not do today alone. 

Happy Mondaying!