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For the Love of Branches: Spring Update

There is finally something Spring-ish up on the branches in our dining room.  With the help of my eldest daughter Izzy we added some life. She kept telling me the branches needed color and I quite agreed. We rummaged through my craft bin and ended up with a whimsical bird theme of sorts so without further ado: Spring Above the Wilson Table. 

I would still love to see how you use tree branches inside your home so send some snaps! 

Happy Spring Branching!


For the Love of Branches 

My love of tree branches has not waned but increased since living in Texas. Dallas is not known for its trees although there are two particular varieties I have fallen in love with. We don’t have crepe myrtles at home, nor do you see live oaks with the same gorgeously gnarly, branches.  


As I mentioned in 50 Ways to Upcycle Tree Branches and Logs, when we moved from Kansas to Texas I was told the tree branches that had hung in our bedroom had to remain behind. It was a sad day parting with them but I knew I could find new ones. 

Over a year and a half ago I updated you with a picture of their Texas replacement. Since then we have moved apartments again but the branches got to come along this time … And they seem to be multiplying.

Not only do I love branches but I also have this ‘fear of the void’ problem, to pull out one of my rusty art history phrases. It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to figure out that ‘fear of the void’ or horror vacui which in Latin is ‘fear of empty space’ or kenophobia from the Greek ‘fear of the empty’ is about where I fit when I look at our home. Just think  Adolf Wolfli, Jean Debuffet, Edward Gorey or the Where’s Waldo book series. In our case my ‘fear of the void’ is far less than the technical definition as our walls do not look like something out of an I Spy book, but I cannot have blank wall space and each room must have something on the ceiling. 

Just before Christmas my dad brought me two glorious branches that had fallen, via a storm, from the old sycamore tree at home. It is one of my favorite trees. My brother and I could never climb it growing up because where it branched out was probably twenty feet up, but it is a magnificent tree. 

Right now the sycamore branches are above our dining room table and I think that will be their permanent home. At Christmas Izzy and I filled them with greenery, gilded magnolia leaves and ice cycles. For Valentines Day we hung hearts from them. Right now they are bare and awaiting some sort of cheering for spring. They have become a fun vehicle for seasonal decorating, but even when bare they remind me of home and the glorious creativity of the Lord and His trees. 

Do you have branches in your home? I would sure love to see them. If not give bringing some nature inside a whirl and check out the link earlier in the article about upcycling. What fun and often inexpensive projects! 

Happy Tree Branching!

50 Ways to Upcycle Tree Branches and Logs

So … one thing I didn’t mention in my ‘about’ tab is my obsession with tree branches. My husband would just laugh if he were in the room. He doesn’t have anything against my tree branch fetish but isn’t strongly attached to it. Over two years ago when I came home and announced that I was going to hang tree branches over our bed he looked at me like I had two heads. When we moved from Kansas to Texas I was told the tree branches had to remain behind. It was a sad day parting with them but I knew I could find new ones. Well folks it took me almost a year but we have good ‘ol Texas branches hanging from the ceiling over our bed (Pictured above). It’s still a work in progress but I wanted to share this blog article I found last month from Living Vintage. There are some beautiful ideas here and the blog itself is quite lovely. I have finally found a kindred tree branch spirit. Enjoy! http://livingvintageco.com/2013/08/50-ways-to-upcycle-tree-branches-and-logs/