What Happened to the Ice Cream?

I was realizing today that I hadn’t written about ice cream in several months. Considering my ice cream enthusiasm or enthusiasm for anything smooth, cold and refreshing, I had to remedy that and share with you a recent experiment. 

As some of you know I make ice cream for friends, family, and others in our apartment building. It’s therepudic and a great deal of fun. I can make the bases when my girls are in bed and they love to help churn them the next day. Izzy has always dragged a chair into the kitchen in order to mooch and watch the transformation, and Sophia quickly learned the word ‘bite’ from her sister, as she realized she wanted a taste too. 

It’s not an especially lucrative enterprise but it brings in enough to support itself and keep people sharing in this crazy season of seminary life happy. For those reasons it brings me a great deal of joy. One particular family orders a quart of dark chocolate every couple weeks. They are precious, and this is where my cinnamon experiment began. They asked me to make cinnamon ice cream. 


I had never made cinnamon ice cream before, and for that matter I had never had cinnamon ice cream. I looked in my go-to ice cream book The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz, but didn’t see a recipe, so I started my cinnamon experiment with another I scavenged online. It only used ground cinnamon. The flavor was good but the texture was dreadful so I decided to look in The Perfect Scoop again. Sure enough I had missed it. There was a cinnamon ice cream recipe! This base began by steeping cinnamon sticks in cream. Brilliant! It achieved a solid cinnamon punch without the grainy texture. In the end I added about a 1/4t of good vanilla extract (not in the recipe) and it was perfect. 


Not sure what to pair it with? Think fall or winter desserts like pumpkin or apple pie. Or head in a spring or summer direction with grilled peaches. Give it a whirl and let me know what you paired it with. I’d love to hear. Or maybe you just snarfed it down on its own because let’s face it – if you like cinnamon but you’ve never tried it in an ice cream application, it can be quite addictive all by its lonesome. You’ve been warned. 

Happy Churning! 

If you’ve never checked out David Lebovitz please do. Just start with the ice cream tab but I dare you to stay there. davidlebovitz.com




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