When the Roulade is Tough …

This post has been a long time coming since the last (and first) time I made a roulade was for our Christmas feast, but alas here we are. This post came about via a culinary snafu that left this home cook frustrated. Roulades aren’t terribly difficult but they are time consuming especially on a first attempt. I didn’t over cook ours but I did not pound the beef thin enough before rolling and filling and I think I even rolled it with the grain instead of against. The result? Delicious flavor but extraordinarily tough meat. I was so disappointed but knew I had to make lemons out of lemonade. We ate it in all it’s tough glory on Christmas day but before reheating leftovers and making them tougher I googled “what to do if you over cook the meat.” One of the solutions was to grind it for sandwiches. Well I can’t resist a good sandwich and out of all the solutions I read, this option was the most appealing. I got out the food processor and threw the rest of the roulade slices for a good whaz up, as Jamie Oliver would say. 

With that as a result I heated a buttered skilled over medium, grabbed my favorite white cheddar cheese and wheat bread to start assembly. It’s pretty straight forward but take a slice of bread and cover generously with either slices or a grated application of your favorite cheese. For this particular roulade the white cheddar was perfect. Anything yellow wouldn’t have been as good, but alas I digress. The point is, pic something that accompanies your meat well, and is a happy melter. When your cheese is in place top generously with your shredded meat, another layer of cheese and cap with piece of bread number two. Give each side a good golden browning in your buttered skillet and you’ll have a fabulous sandwich that makes you forget it came about via a culinary snafu. 

Happy Meat Grinding!

If you’d like the original roulade recipe toodle on over to simply recipes. It truly had delicious flavor but then again, they had me at walnut parsley pesto!