The Missing Potato

I made individual pot pies yesterday that had the same “face only a mother could love” quality that my apple cherry pie did at Christmas. They didn’t win on pretty but for the first time I delivered the flake! These hot hands of mine finally didn’t drastically melt the butter and overwork the dough! For those of you who are new here read Pumpkin Pie Day and the last few sentences will make more sense. In short my hot hands usually give me pastry problems. This was the first time I have successfully delivered flakey dough. 

I turned to the recipe I know and adore by the lovely Ina Garten. If you haven’t tried her chicken pot pie recipe but love pot pie just start your journey there. They are so delicious but where are the potatoes? This isn’t an Ina criticism but a general one. 

I don’t understand why potatoes aren’t stock ingredients in chicken pot pie recipes. When I think of comfort food there is usually a potato nearby. Pot pies are the ultimate comfort food so where’s the potato? They add luciousness and heartiness without lifting a finger and are also great fillers. If you need your quantities and coin to stretch a bit further add a couple potatoes. 

As you would expect after all that fuss, I tweaked Ina’s recipe and added two large and one scrawny parboiled russet potatoes (along with a half cup additional stock). Never parboiled before? Dice up your taters, throw them in a pot of well salted, boiling water until they just start to tenderize. And there you go. Easy as pie. Make sure they aren’t soft like you’d want for a mash, or you’ll get a goopy mess in your pie.

So for all you non-Texas people who are actually experiencing really cold weather, give this recipe a whirl. It’s sure to warm you well and while you’re at it send us Texans some snow. My girls and I would heartily appreciate it and I’m guessing (unless you have littles or are little at heart) you are ready to get rid of some. 

I know there are days that just don’t go as planned and I’ll be the first to admit to frequent culinary disasters, but make the pastry yourself. I bought pre-made pie dough just in case, since others outside my family were counting on me for dinner, but thank goodness I didn’t need it. Golly it makes the difference and it can be done … even by me. It may not be pretty (see my exhibit A below) but your mouth won’t mind. 


Oh, and while I’ve got you, the recipe calls for roasting your own bone-in chicken breasts. If you need to cut corners here’s an easy way to do so. Buy a rotisserie chicken. Otherwise buy extra chicken breasts and roast them for another dinner later in your week. Prepare them as stated in the recipe. They are simply delicious! Add a side of Redeemed Brussels Sprouts and you’ll have happy tummies without spending all week in the kitchen. 

Happy Pot Pieing Y’all!



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