Reason #1573 to Love Aldi & a Few Ways for your Maiden Voyage not to be Embarassing

I don’t really have 1573 reasons to love Aldi but I could give you a substantial list. It has been a place of huge blessing for our family budget. I started shopping there almost ten years ago when I moved into my first independent apartment. It was the first time I truly had to pay my own bills and cook, since I wasn’t eating at the college dorm hall or at my parents. I wanted to eat well and save money so I did maybe half of my shopping there. Fast forward a few years and I was now newly married. I was in charge not just of myself but of Matt’s meals too. I continued to get about half our groceries at Aldi and supplemented with places like Dillon’s (Kroger to you south of the Texas border folk), our local Applemarket, and Target. There’s been a lot of fast forwarding but bear with me and fast forward a few more years, a new state, and two kiddos later. I am even more thankful for Aldi than I was ten years ago, and am proud of what they are trying to accomplish with regards to removing synthetic dyes and ingredients from all their branded products (most of what they offer), by the end of the year. Due to their Simply Nature line, as well as an increasing choice of organics and USDA meats, I no longer have to significantly supplement with other stores. Our grocery shopping is now done about 90% at Aldi. 

On a weekly basis I am able to save anywhere from 10-40% compared to other grocery stores. If you’ve never been and need the dollars to stretch further than you think possible, without sacrificing the health of you or your family, give Aldi a try. You’ll be happy you did. 

I’m working on an article for next week that outlines some of my favorite products (and why), as well as a few things to stear clear of, but until then here are some tips to make you look like a seasoned Aldi shopper if you’ve never been. The first trip can be infinitely embarrassing if you don’t know how things run, so here are some quick tips I wish I had know before my maiden voyage. 

  1. Before you leave your car to approach the store grab a quarter. You need this to get a cart. There’s a slot you slip said quarter in to unlock your cart. If you don’t bring a quarter you’ll simply stand there pulling on the carts like a crazy person (yes I did this), wondering why they don’t release. Some Aldi patron might just give you their cart or hand you a quarter in pity but save yourself the embarrassment and just bring one with you. 
  2. They do not bag your groceries. Your groceries get put righ back into a cart and you bag them after you pay. You can purchase paper or plastic bags at the register if you so desire but I always bring my reusables. Save a tree and some other resources right? This is my girls favorite part and I quite like it too. They love being responsible for loading a bag and I’ve always secretly wanted to be a grocery checker. 
  3. They do not take credit cards. They take debit transactions, checks or cash. Made this mistake on my maiden voyage too, but thankfully had my check book. 
  4. When you return your cart you get your quarter back. Happy day! They money you save would make it worth losing a quarter but you get it back when you re-hook your cart. Just do the reverse of what you did to get it out and you’ll be good to go. 

There you have it. Basic tips to surviving your maiden voyage like you’re a professional Aldi shopper. 

Happy Alding 😉


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