Ah Liberty Burger your ‘Crunchy’ Salad is Delish! 

I was not aquatinted with Liberty Burger until moving to Dallas. The treasure trove of food in this city could have you eating somewhere new and most likely delicious weekly with no end in sight. That might be an exaggeration but probably not.  

We rarely eat out and when we do it’s usually because we have family visiting. Our usual ‘must eats’ when in good foodie company include In-N-Out Burger, Cane Rosso, Twisted Root and Torchy’s, but there’s this salad at Liberty Burger which I think of often, drool over often, and desire often. I know it’s probably criminal to get a salad at a burger joint, but you can put a delicious patty atop so maybe don’t hurt me just yet.  

Since you’ll thank me later this salad is called ‘Crunchy.’ Mixed greens, feta cheese, dried cranberries, diced apple, walnuts, dynamite croutons, and almonds (which I have them leave off because I am content with the walnuts). As I said earlier, when you were planning on hurting me for ordering a salad at a burger joint, you can put a patty atop. I always do, but eat it separately like a weirdo. There’s a delicious creamy garlic dressing that comes with it but I ask for their basalmic vinaigrette. It’s crazy acidic with just the right amount of garlic and sweetness.  

What I’m trying to say is that this salad is perfection. The Texas born and grown Liberty Burger will hook you up whether you want a salad (which you do), or a burger, so check them out at givemelibertyburger.com

Since budgetary restrictions limit the amount of Liberty Burger I would have if infinitely wealthy, I have tried replicating ‘Crunchy’ at home. My last attempt went rather well. 


Just look at it! Colorful, textured and fresh. I forgot to take a picture with the croutons I made because they were all happily tummied (is that even a word?) before I remembered. I roasted diced pieces of whole wheat bread in olive oil, butter, cayenne, salt and pepper. They were zippy and the wheat bread gave them some added character. It may just be my go-to cruton bread from here on out.

My husband is not in love with big salads for a meal, but he even gave this one a thumbs up, as long as I didn’t try and serve it to him on his birthday (long story for another day). In short I made him a big salad on his birthday last year and have yet to hear the end of it. Apparently you don’t make a man salad on his birthday … at least my man. Haha. After six years of marriage, this should have been obvious, but alas a temporary lapse in good judgment occurred.

Use whatever dressing you like but I made a basalmic vinaigrette. I feel like the acidity and slight sweetness go really well with the ingredients, and it’s a snap to make. Start with a base of basalmic vinegar and add lemon juice, Dijon mustard, garlic and pepper. Slowly drizzle in in olive oil, whisking as you go. Yum! I have ceased measuring but here’s a great quantities starting point from marthastewart.com. Adjust however you like. I often add a wee bit of Worcestershire sauce too. The great thing is this dressing can be stored at room temp for several weeks, so don’t be afraid to double your batch.

I hope if you’re ever in Dallas you give Liberty Burger a try. Until then give this salad a whirl at home. Your taste buds will eagerly anticipate the real deal. 

Happy ‘Crunchy’ing!


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