When the Kiddos give you Lemons don’t forget the Lemonade 

It’s been a ‘lemons’ couple of months when it comes to sleep. My youngest just finished a two month sleep strike. Oh mercy. She is back to sleeping through the night but I am a complete mess. I’m up as frequently as she was and often can’t get back down. 

In college I burned the candle at both ends and could go for a week or two at a time before needing a recharge day. Now I nap several times a week to keep from feeling like a complete zombie. I came across this meme earlier and just giggled. This was so me. Sorry friends who had small children if I ever told you I was exhausted. I didn’t understand. 


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All you parents understand – all you mums especially. Nights of little-to-no sleep are part of the job description. Sometimes these long nights turn into periods characterized by exhaustion, which can be scary, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Asking for help does not come naturally for me but with a little practice and a patient husband, I hope I am improving.  

During my daughter’s sleep strike it was so tempting to get frustrated with her or to feel exasperated when I had to be up for the fifth time, but let me challenge you. Instead of begrudging the fact that you’re exhausted, give thanks and praise God for why you are awake. When I started tuning my heart to praise I had great joy amidst the exhaustion. I was thankful my daughter needed me. I was thankful for another chance to hold her close. 

She and I have spent many a wee hour around a pile of Cheerios and a sippy cup of milk. I have laid on the floor because that was the best I could do, but I wasn’t frustrated. My daughter felt loved and enjoyed our little picnics. This picture was captured during one of these such times. I just love her face. How could that not delight me. 


I am not doing the ‘delighting,’ ‘thankfulness,’ and ‘praising’  perfectly, in fact this morning I was quite a grump, but I am often reminded that the time we have with our littles is short. I know I will miss being awoken and miss being needed in the ways my daughters need me now. Having children presents many ‘lemon’ moments, but thank the Lord they are also the lemonade. 


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