For the Sake of an Update

Happy New Year dear reader! As I revisited my ‘about’ page this afternoon I realized it was quite out of date, so without further ado here’s an update to start 2016. This mum still loves Wellies. That much will never change and my Anglophile self will never tire of rain. My (now) three year old still loves puddle jumping as much as me and has outgrown three pairs of Wellies. Our youngest, Sophia, has almost grown into the smallest ones and I believe will be a stellar puddle enthusiast like her sister. Last week she fell into a puddle of cold water and was more frustrated at being removed than she was at being cold. If you’ve been with me since the beginning or if you’ve merely caught up, you’ll realize there’s my big update. We’ve had another baby since I started this blog. My husband and I welcomed Sophia Miette to our family on November 2, 2014. 


The first (above) picture was taken the week we brought her home and the second was taken this fall. She is a sweet, cheeky munchkin and I believe could not be more different than her sister! 

Right now Izzy’s passions include anything with dragons and princesses. She likes to get grungy and be outside, but we must do it in a princess dress. Izzy loves to read, paint, cook, and I feel would have made an excellent medieval bard. She is constantly making up songs and stories to be performed to her stuffed animal audience on a daily basis. Sophia eats everything and is a complete scavenger. After seeing the new Star Wars film my husband and I call her ‘Rey’ in jest. She will disappear and emerge with all sorts of treasures (mostly pantry and fridge items). She is our snuggler, has a ornery laugh and is a determined little thing. Watching the two of them together is precious and often highly entertaining. 

We still live in Texas where my husband is halfway through his masters in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). We moved with our daughter Izzy, from Kansas to Texas almost three years ago to the day. The two pictures below are of her. She was seven months in the first and is now three and a half. 


We are blessed to be here in Dallas, and with almost three DTS years under our belts, we continue to feel less and less like fishes out of water. This adventure has come with a lot of difficult growth and trust but when we are weak He is strong. We have continued to see the Lord’s faithfulness beyond what we ever could have imagined, and are excited to see what He has in store for our growing clan.

This blog continues to be an outlet for my life as a stay-at-home mum and I continue to write in the hope that someday it will become something honed and refined. I am committed to you dear reader and am blessed by you. Thank you for bearing with me as I continue in this endeavor and I pray the recipes and moments of mummy honesty are a blessing to you and honoring in the eyes of my Savior. Happy New Year dear reader, whoever you may be! 


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