Does it Get any Better Than a Custard Base? Tiramisu Says No! 

These days I get more excited over making a custard base than I do over chocolate. Now if that custard base gets chocolate and cocoa powder added to it for an ice cream application? Well now that may just be a toss up. But seriously I am heartily thankful to whoever figured out the loveliness that happens when you combine dairy, egg yolks, vanilla, a bit of sugar and throw them on the stove! 


I just made a custard base and for the first time in over a year it was not headed for ice cream. It was headed for tiramisu. Tiramisu is empirically delightful and the only dessert I will ever order when out at a restaurant, with the exception of a particular seasonal dessert pizza at Cane Rosso in Dallas. This pizza combines Texas peaches, vanilla mascarpone cream, and house-made caramel sauce. Sensational! Anywho I digress. If I had my own ‘Buddy the Elf’ food groups they would be 

Caramel, custard, caramel corns and tiramisu …

and anything my mum bakes … and that seasonal pizza with the peaches. Haha. In other words Buddy needs more than four food groups.

All silliness aside tiramisu is the perfect dessert. Do you need reasons? Alright here are some reasons.

  • It looks daunting and swanky but is quite simple and difficult to mess up.
  • It’s perfect for feeding a larger crowd since its fuss-free when doubled.
  • It makes the day of your party easier because you can make it the night before. It should be made and chilled for at least 3 hours before consumption. I dare you to wait the three hours however. I’ve never had such luck.
  • It includes homemade whipped cream, coffee liqueur, custard, and chocolate. 
  • It gets better with time.
  • Did I mention it was simple and difficult to mess up? 
  • Did I mention there was coffee liqueur and cream involved?

Give it a whirl and prepare for it to be a permanent fixture in your dessert recipe rotation. Make a fun date night out of it or put the recipe together with your friends before dinner. It’ll be ready by the time you pop in your movie or finish that game of pictionary. My favorite tiramisu recipe will get me severely injured (by my mum) if I ever share it, but this past week I tried this version by askchefdennis. It was quite fabulous and safer for anyone in your audience for whom raw egg yolks would be a problem. 

Making tiramisu at home really is quick and easy but if you don’t have time the tiramisu at Olive Garden will fit the bill. Even better, if you’re near Dallas stop by Cane Rosso for a fantastic family recipe prepared in house. 

If you need or desire to omit the alcohol, fortify the coffee mixture with a teaspoon of instant espresso powder. You won’t even miss it. Enjoy and happy lady finger layering!  


2 thoughts on “Does it Get any Better Than a Custard Base? Tiramisu Says No! ”

  1. You are so passionate about your food Jess. One of the many things I love about you. I just drool over your words. You are adorable. >


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