The Only Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe You’ll EVER Need

My daughter Izzy has yet to meet with an ice cream she doesn’t like but this one about makes her vibrate out of her skin with excitement. It’s texture is like velvet and the chocolate flavor is seriously amped up, which sadly is not always the case. Have you ever had a scoop of chocolate ice cream that left you wishing you had just eaten chocolate? When I read similar thoughts from The Bright Eyed Baker I knew I had to try her chocolate ice cream. It was a recipe adapted from David Lebovitz, thus it was going to be delicious. 


I am like my mum, in that I rarely follow a recipe. I end up changing a few things, tossing in a handful of something, removing an ingredient, etc. But this ice cream DOESN’T NEED ANY TWEAKING. I even tried! From one chocolate lover to the rest of you out there … you need to make this! It’s a fabulously, non fussy recipe, and it’s downright delicious! I have made several quarts of it lately and it reminded me of the Helm’s Deep scene in Lord of the Rings where they keep saying they won’t last the night. This stuff won’t last the night if it’s in my freezer without an owner, and I know it won’t last in yours. Invite friends so you have others to share it with. I doubt you’ll have to do any serious arm twisting. 

Happy Chocolate Churning! 

Note: Although the recipe is solid, it WILL make a difference if you use quality chocolate. I have used the easy to find Toll House and Hershey unsweetened cocoa powders but my mum sent me a bag of Valrhona and it took this recipe to another level. For the non-powder I always use Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips which are easy to find, delicious, and easier on the pocket book than other gourmet brands.   

For added inspiration … This past week my daughter and I added chunks of Reese’s Peanut Butter (seasonal=best) Cups for an order we received. The consensus: oh please repeat! 

What are your favorite add-ins? I’d love to hear from my fellow chocolate ice creamians. 



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