Lunch today is Tomorrow’s Briquette 

It’s not all lovely meals and rainbows when you’re a mum. Sometimes lunch today is tomorrow’s  briquette.

So you have a grilled cheese on the stove. It’s getting all golden and lovely as it dances along in a buttered skillet when you hear those beautiful words

“Mommy I have to go potty!

The grilled cheese is now left to its own devices while you run after your daughter to the bathroom … hoping and praying this time we hit the potty not the floor! After sweet success you then get so enraptured with the fact that you got to flush instead of reach for your disenfectant that you start to build a princess castle out of mega blocks … per your toddlers request.

Minutes later however your nostrils are alerted to the fact that you HAD a sandwich on the stove! I type in the past tense because it is no longer a sandwich.  It could now pass for a charcoal briquette at your next grill out!

So yes, today’s lunch ended up being odd since I burned (beyond salvage) the main event, but the princess castle turned out pretty well. I had one happy little lady and I’ll take that over a good grilled cheese any day!

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