What to Do with the Egg Whites

I love ice cream! I love making ice cream! I love eating ice cream! Lately I have been making it to order for people in our apartment building, so I’ll often have 24 egg whites hanging out in a bowl with no idea what to do. 

I googled “what to do with egg whites” and all sorts of lovely recipe solutions presented themselves. I also found out some handy storage facts. 

Egg whites aren’t good for more than two days (in your fridge) after they are separated from their yolk. Egg whites also freeze really well if you plop them in ice cube trays and transfer, once frozen, to a freezer bag. They are happy here for 3 months! Huzzah! 

So next time you make ice cream or have to separate eggs for any reason don’t discard the part that didn’t get used. Transform it and have fun using it in a way you may not have expected to! Make meringue or lovely marshmallows or even chocolate mousse! For more ideas go to bbcfood and check out their page to read more. 

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