When your Brain takes a few Minutes Off

Mums are not foreign to home disasters involving food, in fact this is often a daily thing. My vacuum bag is filled with a greater cheerio-to-dust ratio than it was two years ago, and there is always some morsel of food I encounter stuck to the floor or the walls. So, I say again: moms are not foreign to home disasters involving food. This morning however, my daughter had nothing to do with our food disaster. In fact, that day I encountered not a single morsel of food stuck to our floor, and I didn’t even need to vacuum. Never-the-less there managed to be an explosion of black beans that covered the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink like a spattering work of modern art. How on earth did you manage that you might be asking? Well this is how.
Izzy awoke unhappy and hungry so I told her to go to the fridge and “show me” (a little phrase she says so cutely now) what she wanted to eat. She pulled out the eggs so I commenced to get the stove ready for some scrambling. I closed the fridge but she was still discontent. Next she said “milk please” so I opened the fridge again so the sippy cup could be retrieved … and this ladies and gentlemen is where it all went south. She somehow used her sixth sense (the one that detects if there are black beans in the house) to scrounge from the very depths of the fridge a tupperware container of the black oval-shaped legumes of goodness. Upon seeing them I knew she couldn’t have any. They had somehow escaped the “need to go” refrigerator raid I had done on Monday. Now this probably isn’t a big deal to some … ok most, but my daughter has a love affair with black beans something fierce! When I told her we couldn’t eat them she immediately hit the floor and burst into sobbs. As she sobbed and as I began detecting that wretched starting-to-burn egg smell, my brain took a few minutes off. I opened the container and quickly dumped them down the garbage disposal. WHY!? I still don’t know. The little man inside said

 “hey crazy lady there’s a trash can for that sort of thing!” 

Did I listen and try to retrieve them? Nope. I took it to a whole new (brain took a few minutes off) level. I turned the blasted garbage disposal on. It made a not so happy crushing noise and water began to rise in the sink. Not only did I not turn the water off but I watched it rise until the sink was nearly full. Again, WHY!? As I was beginning to ponder what I was going to have to tell the maintenance people, my feet were hit with a good amount of water. Water (mixed with black bean parts) began flooding out of the cabinet below the sink, and as I stood there watching all the water draining out of the sink and onto my feet, I simply could not speak. All this was happening because I put beans down the disposal when I knew I should have put them in the trash can. I had previously distracted Izzy by popping in Frozen, but upon hearing the ruckus she came running back into the kitchen. 


She started crying again upon seeing the shredded pieces all over our kitchen floor. It was like I had destroyed something precious to her, yet I was very proud of her use of the posessive! Needless to say we have had better mornings, but by the end of the day, as I was relaying my story to a dear friend, I was chuckling. It was not the chuckle so you don’t cry type of chuckle, but a legitimate chuckle. Days are never dull. Are there stressful, rough ones as a mom? Yes! There are many, but despite my bean disaster and others alike, at the end of the day, I can still say without hesitation that I am blessed … so very blessed.

Now I know I’m not alone, so what are some of your home disasters? I feel like most mums could write books, and I love hearing everyone’s stories. What did we do before children? I cannot help but feel that we all were wretchedly bored.

Blessings and Loves,