Momma vs. the M&M’s

This year around Christmas time we were out at my grandparents farm. My dad’s sister and her husband were there, and in the midst of conversation my uncle proceeds to pull a rather large celephane bag of M&M’s from his travel case. My daughter began to stare him down. The more handfuls he popped in his mouth the more she stared … until eventually she snapped. She walked right up to him and stood there like a begging puppy … and like a good uncle he handed her two. Well … she has never been the same since. This Valentine’s Day my dad sent her a regular sized bag of M&M’s, and as you can imagine, she had not forgotten those little thin-shelled chocolates of goodness. She worked that bag over pretty good until finally she handed it to me and said “Please, please, please, help” with such cute desperation and politeness, that I opened it up and handed her one. “Mmmmmmmmmm.” It was at this point when I realized I needed a game plan. I rationed out five more, and put the rest in the top drawer, next to the sink in the kitchen. It took us about a week to finish the bag … So fast-forward with me a couple weeks, to the check-out line of the grocery store. Izzy and I had finished our shopping, and had just placed our items on the conveyer belt when she spotted a bag of M&M’s. She saw them before I did and all I heard was the same cute desperation as when she saw her Valentine’s day package. “Please, please, please, please, please.” It was even quicker and of longer duration this time. I smiled and said:

“Izzy, thank you for asking so nicely but we aren’t going to buy any M&M’s today ok. I love you.”

Immediately she burst into the loudest, most pitiful sobbs … followed by ginormous alligator tears.
The cashier whose line we were in tried to hold in a chuckle unsucccessfully. She was so touched by my daughter’s desire for chocolate that she and I both began laughing. This did not help poor Izzy. The tears flowed with more vigor now. As I took my receipt I gave her a kiss, and told her how much I loved her and her passionate nature. The sobs continued almost the entire drive home but when I picked her up out of her car seat she looked up at me with those tear stained cheeks and said “Hi” in her cute little voice. Melts me every time. I don’t know how The Lord is going to use my Izzy but what I do know is that he created a passionate little girl whom I love ever so dearly.