Please Don’t Eat That

… Well my little darling is not ready for play dough. It was a rough morning at the Wilson household. It was only 12 degrees out and the flu bug has been ravenous in our apartment building. That meant another day of avoiding the children’s playroom downstairs. There are only so many trips down the hall to be made, and only so many stairwells to be climbed before your 18 month old has just had enough. As she sat on the stairs wailing, I knew I had to be creative. As a mum, what can I do today to keep Izzy busy?
… Well we broke out the Swiffer dusters (which Izzy loves) and dusted the apartment … We played hide and seek behind the sofas, and read almost all the books in our collection. We made some art, put another diaper on Mr. Bear, and organized the bins underneath the bathroom sink. We baked (Izzy decided on bagels), and as we sat on the floor eating our fantastic, chewy creations, I looked at the clock in horror. Is it really only 9!! What else can we do?! I’ve got it! Play dough! … so Izzy sat on the counter, manning the mixing bowl and spatula, while we made pink, purple, and blue. Izzy grabbed her ravioli cutter, rolling pin and cookie cutters with glee, and went to town. I showed her how to roll out the colors, and cut shapes. There was however one problem. She though it was for eating. We went three rounds before finally it had to put it away. Each time a nice little clump went in her mouth she wailed and wanted water, and each time I tried to get it out of her mouth I failed. So the consensus of this tired momma is: wait. I don’t think we’re quite ready to be unleashed onto the creative world of play dough.
Alright you creative mums out there … what do you do when you’re confined to the house with your kiddos?


One thought on “Please Don’t Eat That”

  1. I’m feeling your pain, it looks like heavy rain tomorrow so I need a plan to get us through the day. Baking, drawing, sorting out the washing and dishwasher (little B is completely obsessed by domestic appliances), we’ll sweep the floors, get all his clothes out of his drawers into a massive pile on the floor of his bedroomn and then he’ll hand it all back, one thing at a time, for me to put in the correct drawer, jigsaws and books. Then we pray that one of the grandparents is also bored and fancies coming round to visit!


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